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  1. Good luck Thyssen. When the going gets tough, just think of the cold beers and the round of golf (in a cart) we will play when you get back.

  2. Iread it, be sure to take along an anti bear spray and a first aid kit also a snake kit for snake bites .

    Good Luck I think you are taking a chance


  3. Congratulations on this incredibly big and exciting next step in your life. Life is about experiences and sometimes we have to be willing to leave behind the old comforts of home and work and venture off! You will not regret this decision. I do not miss the “sameness” at all and you won’t either! Being young and retired is the greatest gift you can give yourself! I look forward to following your blog as you have a true gift as a writer. Maybe you can work on your first book about a former high yield bond analyst tackling the AT. It would be a best-seller!

    • I am bringing extra batteries along, which should get me ~5 days if I’m judicious with the cell signal. I will also have a very lightweight map (<0.1 ounces) printed on waterproof paper as backup.

  4. First of all, Congratulations on your new status of being unemployed. Yes the first step is a big and difficult one, but you will find it really frees up your day for watching CNBC and complaining about the government. You will even find some time to do some more productive things too. I am very excited for you for your lifestyle change and for your Trek up the AT.
    This journey of yours is going to bring you into our backyard. We live in Denmark, ME which is a little over an hour away from Mt. Washington. Mt Katahdin is a little over 5 hours from the house. We took the boys white water rafting at the base of Mt Katahdin last summer, which is a great way to shred the hikers funk (yes, you can usually smell the thru hikers before you see them). I will track your progress on the blog, but let me know as you get close if there is anything you needs, in term of food or supplies, and I would be happy to hike them in for you. If I can keep up, I’d love to hike a segment with you and catch up. Similarly, if you want a break from the trail for a meal, shower, real bed, ect I would be happy to help with that too. Do you have a plan for getting home from the trail’s end?
    Congratulations again, and keep in touch.

    Christopher Burk

  5. Hi Chris,

    I stumbled upon your blog while reading on the White Blaze forum. Just want to check in and say that I will keep track of your progress on the AT with a keen interest! I think what you are doing is very cool and inspiring.

    I wish you the best of luck on the trail – I’m very confident that you’ll make it all the way to Maine. Remember to enjoy every step of the journey even though it will be hard at times!

    Best wishes from Norway

  6. YIPEEE!! SO close and yet so far…I will need to hear from you or go nuts during these next few months!!!

  7. First of all good luck, I hope your trek goes better than my bracket. I can see that you have clearly researched this well so I am curious to know if you are taking bug repellant ? I know you are weight sensitive but they would drive me nuts. I will also throw in my two cents on a good endurance energy food that is readily available: Fig Newtons are mostly carbs, have little fat and pack some sodium/potasium which you will need lots of. Good luck out there.


  8. Good luck Chris! I’ll look forward to reading your updates and hearing all about an experience that I WILL NEVER EXPERIENCE FIRSTHAND! Stay warm!

  9. Good luck MAN…you are amazing! Been watching video to see where you’re hiking…looks like a adventure! Good Luck!

  10. Chris,

    It sounds like you are having a great time. Look forward to reading the blog when I can. Keep on the trail and have a some fun. Best of luck!

    • I assume this is the Tim that just gave notice? Following my footsteps, I’m proud of you. When do you start walking?

  11. Hi Chris! I’m missing the trail already! It’s nice to continue on vicariously through your posts though. 🙂

    • It was a lot of fun hiking with you & Chuck/Funnybone. NC has gotten A LOT easier so you were definitely here for the tougher part. Maybe you should come out for the Whites too – that seems to be a very difficult stretch too!

  12. I stumbled on your website through the Minnesota Rovers posting Facebook. This has always been a dream of mine–to hike the Trail. Congratulations and best of luck on your journey. I look forward to checking in on your blog. ‘Don’t Stop Believin’

  13. Hey Chris,

    Niels just told me about your block and I think your are in the mid of a great experience! Keep going! Best of luck with you leg.

    Hugs, Tina

  14. Wish someone would cast a spell,so that I would be young ,strong,and dedicated enough to thru hike! HA! HA! HA!….jack

    • Jack – its just walking. Anyone with 2 working legs can do it. I trust you’re not in a wheelchair?
      I have seen 80 year olds out here and there are records of an 89 year old woman completing the trail. You can too!

  15. Chris it was great meeting you this week and I am looking forward to following your progress on this very nice blog of yours. I would be nice to here from you along the way.

  16. Hey Chris – did you find the tent site I told you about? Nice Blog! I got to come down from Dragons Tooth in the rain today. I had no idea that was coming! Good luck on your Flip. Take care.


  17. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the kind words. We also enjoyed your company and just love reading your blogs. Sadly, Cheryl’s shin splint has gotten bad enough (the 17 mile hike over Bigelow on Monday and the 8 miles over Crocker on Tuesday may have had something to do with it) that we’re going to drive home and take some time off. Sound familiar? It’s not that big a deal for us whereas we’re just section hiking the AT two or three week a year, nowhere near the commitment that you “thru’s” have.

    A note to your faithful followers—keep writing to Chris as much as possible. I know from my experience on my snowmobile trip how uplifting those words of wit and encouragement are. He is doing great, looks good and strong but he has some very challenging miles ahead of him for the next few weeks. To “Sugar Mama”— you’re obviously a very special woman to let your man undertake this venture. Maybe you should rent a motor home and join him for a while like he mentioned in one of his blogs. I promise that it won’t be anything like climbing Katahdin.

    Once again Chris, have a safe and enjoyable second half of your journey. If you ever come back to Maine to finish Katahdin, give us a call and maybe we’ll be able to join you.

    Down and Out

    • There are a lot of things I will do for my hubby. But given my penchant for carsickness as well as my need to keep providing for his health insurance renting an RV to drive across Pennsylvania is not high on my priority list. I need my car and quasi-decent hotels. 🙂 In the meantime I will send plenty of boxes of bars and tuna and boots and whatever else he needs to keep him in good spirits.

  18. Chris – I’m heading north from Manchester Center tomorrow. I will probably be bumping into you. Hope you’re feeling better.


  19. Hey Emperor, Unitic here. I am in Bennington, VT today (9/11) and heading back to the trail. Looks like I’m about 2 days behind you and Floss. I had a hammock blowout three days ago on one of the cold nights near Stratton mtn and had to come here to get a replacement shipped. I should be to Greylock on Friday…hope to see you, but I think you’re moving too fast. Best wishes on your journey!

    PS – I’m presenting at The Gathering on 10/13 at 3pm on Tick-borne diseases…maybe we’ll catch each other there!

  20. Thanks for your kind words of encouragement to a very excited, but nervous Mom at the Penn-Mar line. Best of luck on the rest of your journey.

  21. i’m so glad i found this blog! i’d just finished reading funnybone’s appalachian trail blog and found a link to your site in it. i needed more good reading and i think i’ve found it! congrats on the camino…it’s a life long dream of mine.

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